C & V Quarter Horses & Training

Second chances for horses to be sane, sound and happy horses

 About Our Foundation Program

We focus on sane, sound and happy horses, so we have developed a Foundation Program that instills confidence in our horses and the ability to have forever happy homes. From our Foundation Program horses can gradute to jobs, more advanced training, or a life of companionship with their humans. All horses experience exercises in the round pen, arena, and on the trails. All horses are currently still learning and are often still being ridden two handed. While not every horse would meet our definition of broke all have a solid foundation and are ready to have more advanced training.

All horses will have been exposed to and be able to do:

~Round pen

~Ground Work


~Two rein

~Turn left and right from both rein and leg pressure

~Lateral flexion and begining vertical flexion

~Clip, bathe, blanket



~Begining to negotiate small obstacles

~Pick up feet and stands to be trimmed/shod

About Us 

We first came up with the idea for C & V Quarter Horses when we met in 2008. Chris comes from a very strong cowboy/ranch/mountain type of background. His horses always have the best ability to get the job done. I, Val, came from a strictly show background when I was a child. As I grew up I got more into rodeo horses and later into reining and cow horses.

When we met and started talking horses it was clear that if we meshed together our skills we could create the types of horses that everyone wants. We take ranch type horses that can go all day long doing their job and teach them the skills to do anything. By giving horses many skills we ensure that they will never be "unwanted".

We take pride in the fact that we take horses that are unwanted and give them the skills necessary for life with a job. I guess we're kind of the education system for horses.