C & V Quarter Horses & Training

Second chances for horses to be sane, sound and happy horses

Do you have a horse or know of one that needs a second chance?

              Currently we are looking for one to two horses that are in need of some education in order to get on the path to forever homes.


* All information of previous owners is kept strictly confidential

* After you contact us we will make an appointment with you to come and evaluate your horse.

* Although not every horse may be an appropriate fit for our program, for horses that we are unable to take we can assist you with resources to help find a new home for you horse.

* Once a horse arrives at our facility:

 ~They will be started on our vaccination and worming program as well as hoof care if it can be done with out significant stress to the horse.

~Begin our Foundation Program and worked with and handled daily



*Tia: 2008 SPB Paint Mare that came to us as a second chance horse, now a sane, sound and happy horse loving her new home in northern Wyoming*